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The Volkswagen Classic Beetle in Malaysia

In Malaysia we have an official VW Beetle Owners Club with its office at-

3rd Floor of 12&12C of Jalan 8/1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya

Contact Phone number- 03 7572872

Technical Datas of the Original Classic Beetles

The car came with 6-volts electrical system -those car built before 1965. Then in Malaysia, the engine size was 1.2 liters and temporary shifted to 1.3 liters in 1967. But in 1970 onwards, the engine size was reverted.

Most Beetle owners have upgraded or refurbished their vehicle to a more contemporary norm! Air-Conditioning, alloy wheels, and 1.6 fuel injection Engine. Some even have automatic gearboxes!

Need to know more about the car & Work to be done?


Photographs of the 1st Beetle produced.


What are the work involved in restoring

Most hobbyist starts off getting a low cost second hand car that need salvaging.

In this way you will get the pleasure of creating the monster or beauty that you like! Your creations and your aspirations.

Perhaps you would like to ponder over which particular model of the range of Beetles you like best!

Then the many processes involved are:-

[1] Body repair- The body will be checked for rust, rusted through panels and panel surfaces with rust bursting out. Quite often, the under carriage [floor pans] needs to be changed. Some collectors will resort getting the fenders and lights upgraded to that of a later model

[2] Engine and running gears - This is main concern for a lot of car owners. As for the Beetle, it should not be - as the movable aggregates are robust and most car do not need extensive repair! But no! Most guys in town had replaced theirs with a newer more powerful 1.6 liters engine. That is your choice, since you intend spending a bundle re-doing the whole car!

The decision of installing an air-con comes in now! It just doesn't look classy without one! Frankly, there are loads of experts locally who can rig up a system that works like a breeze! But it would be safe to seek out the few old timers! [The car's executions? Our Malaysian models were not designed to take on an air-con. Just my caution note!]

[3] Paintwork - while it burns another big hole for the pocket. Most collectors soon realized that this would the area where to show their first major achievement in the art studio!

Selection of the appropriate/favorite hue, twin tones and segmented coloring. You see, there is so much room for personal expressions.

The paint materials, leave behind those basic technical stuff like:- Solid/Metallic, fast or slow drying paints! You will now dwell into base coat clear, 2K metallic, pearl or mica!

[4] Soft trims - an area you never thought of! Yes- this is the area of the rubber linings for the doors, windows and glasses. Running boards and lights, lenses etc.

[5] Upholstery - this is the next area of  "expression" after paint. Leather seats and door pads seem to be the norm of today's living. Throw in the roof lining and the carpet plus side trimming for the boot in front. Most guys have even shielded the engine compartments with shinning side covers!

[6] Now the grand finale, personalize your car. Apart from having engine components in chrome& painted, there are much more. I will stop talking from here on!

Repair Shops Around Kuala Lumpur

List of names of persons specializing in Beetle !

Where to get Replacement Parts?

Off the shelf in Kuala Lumpur!

Most Volkswagen parts are readily available in major towns. Some understandings of the parts industry may help in the search.

The "Beetle" until lately is still being mass produced in Mexico and before that in Brazil. For beginners, try to understand the meaning of "Spares". For example - all items for the car can be divided into 3 types of sources.

[a] Common parts used by all cars - bulbs, fuses, wipers, spark plugs. Describe as parts falling between common parts and consumable items. Any parts shop would be able to supply.
[b] Spurious or OE parts - Parts produced by sub-suppliers for Volkswagen, common name is Bosch! Many parts shop do carry stock of such items too!
[c] Dedicated Parts - items peculiar to Beetle , engine/aggregate parts, body items

For location of shops that carry large range of "Beetle" Parts & Service in Kuala Lumpur -Click here!